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Customer Love: Silk Chiffon Ribbon Bag

Andrea found my stall at the recent Waltham Abbey Wool Show, and purchased a skein of Silk Chiffon ribbon.

It obviously inspired her to create with it immediately, and she kindly sent me a picture of her work:

Silk Chiffon & Patchwork Handbag

It’s a knitted body with a patchwork lining. I think it looks fabulous!

She said to me about the piece:

“It was just the one skein, green at one end and pink at the other. The bag is 8 inches across by 7 inches deep, and I used every last scrap of the skein!

It’s nice to knit with, it frays a little as you go, so you need to pull off the frayed bits as they build up under your hand, but no different from knitting with a mohair type yarn in that respect.”

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