Avani – Orange, Yellow, Grey


Silk is famous for it’s shine as well as the way it takes on colour, but if you are looking for a matt effect silk yarn, Avani is it.
It is made from the “armour” layer of the cocoon that would otherwise not be used.

The outer “armour” layer of a cocoon is naturally hardened to protect the pupae snuggled inside the softer inside of the cocoon that sliver is made from.

After processing, this fibre is very soft & has a fuzzy feel, giving yarn made from it a fluffy finish This means that the light is not reflected as much, giving it a matt finish.

Avani is a single ply of 2.5’s NM silk, making it great for DK knitting projects. Recommended Needle/Hook size 3-5mm

Ideal for hand knitting and crocheting, this yarn can used for a wide range of knitting projects, hats, shawls and throws, as well garments such as string tops, summer jumpers and boleros etc.

A lovely example of this is the sample dress I have made from it to display at shows. The pattern is Knitty’s Elenka



Fibre Content: 100% Mulberry Silk
Yardage: 183m per 100g
MetricCount: 2.5′s NM
YarnWeight: Double Knit / Worsted

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