Dupioni – “Rose Gold” – Yellow, Pink, Moss Green, Aubergine


This yarn is made of 8 plies of reeled mulberry silk spun together. (The plies are made from threads reeled direct from the cocoon)

It feels loose, light & airy, with a slightly rough hand as the yarn is minimally processed. It has a very organic feel as the yarn isn”t smooth & so it catches the light in such a way that the yarn shimmers.

Ideal for lace hand knitting (such as our very own Hester & Esther or the Left over Laceweight Fern shawl) and crocheting projects as well as being very usable in cross-stitch and fine embroidery projects as the plies easily separate to form very fine threads.

Recommended needle/hook ~3mm



Fibre Content: 100% Reeled Silk
~400m per 100g
Metric Count: 
8’s NM / Denier: 20-22
YarnWeight: SportWeight/Light Double Knit

Additional information

Skein Weight


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