Surina Knitting Needles – 10in – Square Top


Surina (Thespesia populnea) is a hardwood tree that grows in plantations around Sundarban. Locally known as “the elegant tree”, these tree are tall, very straight, have tiny branches and produce a heartwood which is hard yet light in weight, reddish-brown in color and very suitable for woodworking.

In Kolkata (Calcutta), highly trained and skilled artisans turn this elegant wood into exceptional knitting needles and crochet hooks, highlighting the natural grain and smoothness of the wood. Surina looks polished when worked without having to use laquers or other harsh chemicals. Once finished, the tools are hot stamped with both US and Metric sizes.

In use they are warm and flexible in the hand, providing just the right amount of grip for yarns that are naturally smooth themselves. They are simply a joy to work with.

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Content: 100% Indian Surina Wood

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Needle + Hook sizes

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