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Life is good when it has colour in it

If you’ve been looking at my Twitter feed, you will know that I’ve spent the week before Ally Pally throwing colour at Fibres and Yarn.

One of my personal philosophies is that a day where nothing is learned is a day wasted, and I’ve learned large amounts about my own personal dye style, fibre handling, just how saturating my dyes are (very, as they reminded me!), doing much research about how dyeing in general and how fibres are used, developing a sideways want to do nuno and fibre fusion felting projects (not a craft I was previously interested in doing at all!) and how “everything” generally goes together.

I’ve discovered a couple of new techniques that give wonderful results, as well as other techniques that save time and create less mess. As I don’t get to dye nearly as often as I would like, I recalled with joy my particular style & colour palate. I’m a vibrant dyer, and generally find that when I’m making a new colourway that I reach for the red-purple end of the spectrum dyes.

As I was dyeing, I found that I have a real thing at present for Violet with Lime Green, Emerald with Lime Green and Pink with Chocolate Brown. For instance, as I was dyeing the various batches of Mawata, I used these colourways twice over, not realising that I’d already used them with a different dye technique the previous day until I checked my dyeing notebook later!

I also love the dye technique I stumbled on towards the end of the week whilst playing (because, let’s face it, dyeing really is wonderfully enjoyable play) that gives a beautifully “heathered” effect – I’ll be using this much more in my design on both fibres and yarns going forward, both in the pastel tones as I used this time, as well as with my more usual levels of vibrancy.

So, my aim is now to develop a consistent “me” set of colourways (with “guest stars” naturally – after all, the same thing all the time would be dull!) for my base yarns and fibres – and I made some very useful contacts at Ally Pally to give me some wonderful, and more importantly repeatable, rare-breed and luxury fibres and yarns to work on going forward into the latter quarter of the year and onto 2015.

So, big plans ahead! First jobs first however, scanning all the Ally Pally sales through the shop and then buying myself a few new tools to make life even easier and a whole heap of new base yarns! It’s exciting times ahead.

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