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[Fibres Exotica News] Sad news – Closing Down Sale

closing down sale

I’m sad to say that I’m shutting up the shop. After giving it a good 5 years, It’s time to call it a day, because whilst I love doing shows, talking to people and selling beautiful yarns, the business is very much not paying for itself, let alone paying me. It also takes a massive amount of time and energy to take the yarns to shows (Ally Pally for instance costs me around £1500 to do, most of that being the cost of the stand), and they usually don’t cover their own costs.

Right now though, it’s “everything must go!” time – not just the yarn but the fixtures and fittings also.

To that end, here’s a 30% off coupon in the shop: CLOSEDOWN

I’ll be putting various Yarn and Fabric craft equipment, as well as the “shop” fittings I take to shows on eBay: – Subscribe to a list for eBay notifications

I’m not leaving yarn and colour behind though, I’m going to be concentrating my efforts more into coaching and teaching, separating out again and filling it with dyeing information and the ability to have me teach you dyeing either in your home, at my home or in a convenient location –  And because I don’t want to bug you if you don’t want to know about it, subscribe to a list for FluffenStuff Updates

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  1. I’m just so sorry! I haven’t managed to shop here very often, but I love coming and I buy more often than I can really afford to. I wish you all the very best in your new development.

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