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I’ve been working with some fabulous designers to bring you both commercial & free non-commercial inspirations for our yarns and fibres.

Difficulty levels:
A Breeze – Should be able to do this in your sleep. Perfect for beginners.
Some Thought Required – Easy enough, but contains simple patterning that requires attention to process
Entertaining – Moderately challenging, contains patterning and/or techniques that may need to be learned for the project
Outrageous! – The most difficult to work, usually lace work and/or unusual techniques.

(If you feel that any pattern’s grading is incorrect, please let us know!)

Patterns – as PDF Downloads – listed in Alphabetical order by Designer name:

Emma Coleman
F- Smushion – A cushion cover (Knitting – Samraj – Aran weight) – Some Thought Required

Laura Cracknell
P – Making Waves – A curly capelet – Crochet – Dupioni – Sport Weight) – Entertaining
F – Perchi – A Summer Weight Beanie/Skullcap (Crochet – Manjula – Lace Weight) – Entertaining
F – PouchySlouchy – A simple bag (Crochet – Kohinoor – Aran Weight) – A Breeze

Rachel Malenoir
F – Gone Fishin’ – A simple fishing net shawl (Crochet – Filature – Lace weight) – A Breeze

Anna Richardson

P – Hester – Short cuff lace gauntlets –  (Lace Knitting –  Dupioni – Sport Weight) – Outrageous!

Suzanne Strachan
P – Fuji – A clutch bag (Knitting with Weaving – Recycled SariSilk & Kohinoor – Aran Weight) – Entertaining
F- Twist in the tail – A diagonal brimmed hat with (as it says) a twist in the tail (Knitting – Recycled SariSilk & Kohinoor – Aran Weight) – Some Thought Required

Rajka Vozarevic
F- Jump Start! – A cabled hairband (Knitting – Filature Yarn – Lace Weight ) – Some Thought Required
F – Wwave – A simple lace work shawl (Knitting – Rani Yarn – 4Ply Weight ) – Some Thought Required
F – Twister – A twisted scarf (Knitting – Recycled Sari Silk – Aran Weight) – A Breeze

Jenny Willett
P – Anise – A slouch beret (Knitting – Rajgan – Double Knit Weight) – Some Thought Required
P – Cinnamon – A structurally supported trinket box (Knitting – Recyclyed Sari Silk) – Entertaining
P – Saffron – Mitt & Bootie set (Knitting – Hamsa yarn – Sport weight)- Entertaining
P – Turmeric – Fingerless Gloves (Knitting- Hamsa yarn – Sport weight) – Entertaining

If you would like a printed copy of any pattern posted to you, please go to our pattern print out order page

If you want your work to help inspire others, then please contact us!

We are looking to work with people on all sorts of fibre related projects, not just Knit and Crochet!
Knit and Crochet are the communities I reached out to in the first instance for inspiration (as I’m a knitter, it was a logical place to start!) but there are so many possibilities with the silks that also need “patterns” for other people to get their inspiration from:- Embroidery, Lace, Papermaking, Machine Embelishing, Felting, Tapestry, Cross-Stitch… the list of possibilities is endless!

NB: Note that all copyright remains with the designers, you are permitted to download and print 1 copy for personal use only.

You may not print out multiple copies, you may not reformat the pattern for commercial use and you may not sell the patterns or any item made FROM any of our  patterns.

Please respect the designers whose work you see on our website. They worked long & hard to produce the patterns here.

Any usage beyond what’s mentioned here must be negotiated with the designer or author.  If you should see evidence of a violation of copyright, please let us know. Violations of copyright are illegal and each designer has the authority to pursue violators to the full extent of the law.

For further information, please see our Terms & Conditions page

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