Jalika – Undyed


Aimed at weavers, embroiderers and “heirloom shawl” creators, this spun sliver yarn is very fine, in all senses of the word!

2 plies of 60’s NM count thread, it’s offered in such small skeins as the yardage is massive! As with all Silk, it will take dye beautifully, (& the skeins are easy to dye at home with any of our kits and a touch of preparation) & being a plied yarn, it simply shines.

Recommended needle/hook 1.25mm at the most!

Also, as this is so small & light, if you order any amount of just this, I’ve set this so it will only charge you the “large letter +packaging” shipping rate, £0.90 in the UK, and £2.00 internationally



Fibre Content: 100% Mulberry Silk
Yardage: 2750m per 100g
MetricCount: 2/60′s NM
YarnWeight: 1-ply / Cobweb

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