Pick ‘n’ Mix – 5m of silk!


I understand, not everyone is a knitter. Embroiderers, couchers and other fibre artists often don’t want 100g of a yarn or thread, they would never use it all! Other people just want a little yarn pet. And a few people want a yarn or ribbon sample before they commit to a large purchase.

So, this is just for you. These are 5m mini skeins of our yarns or a ~5m bunch of sari ribbon.

The colours available tend to be random; I sit and wind them myself from available stocks and I tend to pick skeins I either have many of or only one left (where the yarn wouldn’t be enough to make anything by itself if knitted.)

When you order, leave me a note as to which yarn or ribbon you want, and  a preferred colour, and I’ll see what I can do.


Skein Length: 5m
Fibre content: 100% Silk
YarnWeight: Various – As requested


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