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Customer love: Chunky Bucket Bag in Red Tiger

I said last month that I could wait to see what Gem did with with the skein of Red Tiger she also bought, and yesterday she reached out to me again on my FaceBook page to show me that it had twined itself up with with some chunky grey yarn and insisted on being a Bucket bag!

As I observed before, looking at Gem’s web page, she hooks beautiful bags,  blankets/ throws, hair accessories, as well as working the occasional fascinator and dinosaur.

hearts and flowers - chunky bucket bag

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Customer Love: Satchel Bag in Purple Daze

As you know, I always love Customer love, and Gem reached out to me on my FaceBook page to tell me that she’d turned one of the Purple Daze skeins that she purchased at Ally Pally into a small satchel.

Looking at Gem’s web page, she hooks beautiful bags,  blankets/ throws, hair accessories, as well as working the occasional fascinator and dinosaur!

She’s really done the yarn justice with the stitch she’s picked for construction. I can’t wait to see what she does with the skein of Red Tiger she also bought!

(As always, click to see the bigger picture)

hearts and flowers bag 2

hearts and flowers bag 3

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Customer Love: Tea cozy in Kohinoor

A Customer love post from Elaine, who bought 3 skeins of Kohinoor at Warner Textile Archive -Textile fair.

She said “The small hanks I bought were brilliant. You may recall that I mentioned trying to make a tea cosy from them. Well, the two together were just enough, and I think it looks great!” 

Tea cozy in Kohinoor

I very much agree with her! I’m also sure the Silk will keep the tea nice & warm. 🙂

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Customer Love: Some Rainbow Rajgan used for “Speedline” by Alexandra Tinsley

Another  ICHF completed project, this time from Helen, who bought 3 skeins of Rainbow dyed Rajgan from me and turned nearly 2 of them (170g)  into a  ‘Speedline’ by Alexandra Tinsley.

This one is a simple knit, and made in silk, is going to be light yet warm. I love the way the rainbow had knitted; lovely little dots of colour, and very little pooling. She used a larger needle that advised; 6mm Symfonie knit pro interchangeables – 120cm circular needle –  and looking at the knitting close-up, I think she made the right call.

I love seeing what the yarns inspire people to do, whether they make something up, or use a ready-made pattern to give a new outlook. And this little wrap is definitely going to keep Helen warm thrown over shoulders during the long summer evenings, and snug over the winter under her coat!

She’s going to use the rest to made a beanie style hat to go with – I’m looking forward to the pics!


Speedline by Alexandra Tinsley closeup-speedline

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Customer Love: Belly Dancing headdress

I love the more unusual Customer love e-mails I get.

This one is from Deadre, who came to see me at ICHF. She’d previously bought from me on-line, but needed just a little more silk for her latest project…

Deadre makes Belly Dancer costume, and used the Emerald Samraj she bought from me at the show to make the tassels on this beautiful headdress:

Deadre's Headdress

As with anything, yarn is just the start. I love when the yarns I sell are incorporated into projects that have nothing to do with knitting or crochet. Makes me want to learn about new skills. Inspiration is all.

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Customer Love: Elenka in Avani

When I saw Jennie at the recent Waltham Abbey Wool Show, she mentioned to me that she had finished the Elenka that she had purchased the yarn for back at Spring Knitting and Stitching 2013 (Avani – Pink, Purple, Yellow, Grey), her granddaughter adored it and she promised to send me a picture.

I’m looking forward to the pictures of what she made with the yarn she bought at WAWS, because this is a lovely knit!

Elenka in Avani by Jennie

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Customer Love: Silk Chiffon Ribbon Bag

Andrea found my stall at the recent Waltham Abbey Wool Show, and purchased a skein of Silk Chiffon ribbon.

It obviously inspired her to create with it immediately, and she kindly sent me a picture of her work:

Silk Chiffon & Patchwork Handbag

It’s a knitted body with a patchwork lining. I think it looks fabulous!

She said to me about the piece:

“It was just the one skein, green at one end and pink at the other. The bag is 8 inches across by 7 inches deep, and I used every last scrap of the skein!

It’s nice to knit with, it frays a little as you go, so you need to pull off the frayed bits as they build up under your hand, but no different from knitting with a mohair type yarn in that respect.”

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Customer Love: Silk Artwork

Lorraine is a textile artist working on the Isle of Man and wrote to me recently. She’s incorporated some of the silk fibres I sell with other silk products and produced a wonderful piece of artwork representing Coral Under the Sea:

Coral Under the Sea - Lorraine Cleasby

I think that this is just lovely and a totally innovative use of Silk fibres, cocoons & carrier rods.
It’s currently hanging in a IoM Gallery.


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Customer Love: Unbiased in Recycled Sari Silk

I do so love when I get what I call a “Customer love” e-mail. So, when I opened this one from Teresa, it was rather exciting!

She purchased 6 skeins of Recycled Sarisilk and has turned it into a very beautiful “Unbiased

She said:

“I used the original pattern for the bag, but added an extra triangle to sew into the front, and a square to sew into the back to include a flap.

I had a gold tassel which I thought went well with the colours, and I made some flowers on my flower loom and sewed them on adding a button fixed on with some gold thread.

The bag is a tiny bit on the large side, so if I did another, I would probably make it a little smaller.  In the skeins I received, there was a great deal of the saffron colour (2 thirds in one skein) and as the spin was quite thin, I put 3 strands together and made a case for a mobile phone, with a small flower for decoration and a button to close.

I have to admit that I cheated a little on the last bit of the handle. I only had the bright saffron colour left, so I used a permanent marker pens to make the yarn a darker colour!”

Personally, I think it’s stunning.

Teresa made the same choice as I did when I made my Unbiased (Oh so long ago!) in adding extra panels at the mouth. Looking at her’s, the current stash of sarisilk I have makes superb knitting;  it makes me want to grab a few skeins from the shop stash and make up another one for myself!
Teresa's bag made from sari yarn

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Customer Love: Laceweight shawl knitted in Kiran

I do so love it when I get what I call a “Customer love” e-mail.

Helen picked up some of our laceweight silk yarn “Kiran” in Red and used some of it to create this stunning shawl!

'Scarf with French trellis border from Weldon's 1890 and bramble leaf centre'

How Beautiful! She’s looking thorough her pattern books for a couple more lace patterns to finish off the skein, but this one is from Victorian Lace Today called ‘Scarf with French trellis border from Weldon’s 1890 and bramble leaf centre’