Fuji (Knitting with weaving)


This is our second pattern from Suzanne, as she finds the “energetic single” nature of both Kohinoor and Recycled Sari Silk are very inspirational. This time around, it inspired her to create a small occasional clutch handbag.

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By Suzanne Strachan – http://www.ravelry.com/people/jsandss


Yarn A = 100g Fibres Exotica Recycled Sari Silk (100% mulberry Silk ; c.90m per 100g)
Yarn B = 50g Fibres Exotica Kohinoor (100% mulberry Silk ; c.80m per 100g)
A pair of knitting needles- size 6mm/UK 4/US 10 (or size needed to obtain gauge)
1 set of Double point needles or circular needle – size 6mm/UK 4/US 10
1 set of Double point needles or circular needle – size 5mm/UK 6/US H-8
Fabric for lining the bag approximately 30cm by 80cm (11in by 31in)
90cm cord used to stuff the knitted i-cord

Iron-on lining if the lining fabric by itself isn’t strong enough to hold the shape of the bag.
Crochet hook size 3.0mm/D for picking up stitches in case you have difficulty doing so with the knitting needle

Kohinoor: 11-12 stitches = 10cm
Recycled Sari Silk: 15 stitches by 20 rows = 10cm square

Height = 23cm not including the handles
Width = 35cm
Length of Handles = 45cm

One Size.


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