Tutor for hire! 1/2 day Class in your Workshop space (Materials inc.)


I’ll bring 2 skeins of Pre-Soaked animal fibre yarn per student (included in the price), my dyeing pots & pans, latex gloves and of course the dyes and fixing agents required.

(NB: if any of the students are Latex allergic, let me know, and I’ll bring Vinyl gloves!)

Your space will need

  • To be in London, or willing to pay travel expenses to get me out to you if not
  • running water
  • long-ish work surfaces
  • spare newspaper to go on the worktop
  • 4 electric cooker rings (1 per pair of students)
  • cling-film and
  • a Microwave

Spray-bleach for the clean-up is good as well!

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Available as a tutor to lead up to 8 students in a dyeing tutorial in your workshop space.

This 1/2 day Dyeing Tuition session will give your students a taster.  Using professional grade acid dyes, each student will dye up two skeins of silk; one skein will be pot dyed in a Solid Colour, the other as a hand painted “Space-dye” microwaved skein.

We will also cover some basic colour theory and talk about dyeing techniques.


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