Loose Symmetry – Christmas


Fibre wise, I simply love Wensleydale. It rivals silk for the top spot as my dyeing favourite, as the exceedingly long, smooth hair of the Wensleydale sheep means that it shines and dyes with a very “silky” lustre indeed.

This yarn was created with the “random adventure” method of yarncake dyeing. From my One and Done dyeing round, I had a some food colouring left over; Black, Blue and Red. So, I threw it into a dye bath, added 4 Wensleydale yarncakes and waited… What came out can only be described as Christmas colours, claret and mint green!

Cake dyeing is always a bit random, but that was not at all what I expected. I love happy accidents.

As this was 4 separate yarncakes, these are not 100% symmetrical, hence the name. They will still play well together however.

Recommended Needle/Hook size: 4-5mm

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Skein weight: 100g
Fibre Content: 100% British Wensleydale (Wool)
Yardage: 160m per 100g
YarnWeight: Aran / Fisherman


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