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Coming soons…

More Purplekitchen yarns coming soon, the Yarns are just finishing drying before they get photographed and uploaded. 500g of the now disconntinued Rowan “Chunky print” Point&Squirt overrdyed into “Golden Sunset”, 300g of Blue-faced Leicester, well-dyed into “Tequila Sunrise” and some utterrly dreamy chunky Alpaca, that just begged to be tie-dyed to make a yarn I’m calling “Clouds and Sky”…

Also, a Purplekitchen exculsive: Why buy Noro Kureyon for fulling when you can buy Purplekitchen felting yarn at half of the cost! This is a harsh yarn, as it started life as undyed Rug-wool. So you wouldn’t want to wear it, but, with it designed to be so hardwearing, it’s perfect for kniting and crocheting, and then fulling into bags, purses, cloths and coasters. We’ve just dyed up and knitted the tester swatch, to be machine fulled in the next couple of days… Look for the ‘blog entry and the first stocks soon!

Also, what does this want to be?

undyed chunky cashmere

Undyed Chunky weight Cashmere, 50g, ~60m/skein. Direct from China.

We’ve got 400g of this yarn, and its not saying what colour it wants to be yet!

It’s possibly going to be dressing in pastals, but do give it some advice… Answers on a comment log!

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Welcome to Fluffenstuff

Just a quick ‘blog post on this shiny new site, to let you all know that Fluffenstuff is nearly ready to open for business.

I’m just slapping the virtual paint on the walls, stocking the shelves and sorting the goods, but if you happen to have chanced over this already, do feel free to browse and buy!

Fluffenstuff is all about bringing frivolity, fluff and fun into the knitting process

I love big yarn, am passionate about bright strong colours and just adore little trinkets to make life a little more smiley.

It all started when I wanted some “Knitting Jewelery”.

However, because I tends to use needles above 9mm, none of the plastic ring manufacturers or crafters that make and sell jewelery type markers seem to make ones with rings big enough for my needles!

So, being a crafty individual, I did some research about how to make them, bought lots of stuff and made a load of pretty things!!!

Being made from precious metals and glass they have a wonderful heft and substance, are very soothing to both look at and use, and glide over the needles in use.

As all beads are unique, every marker is also unique, although sometimes I make similar sets if there are the beads to do it in the random beads she buys as the mood takes her.

I then got a fascination with dyeing. Again, there is a deficit of chunky and above “art” yarns.� So, I started dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid, which is “ok” but I quickly progressed to experimenting with professional grade acid-dyes.

Being able to create seemingly random and vibrant colourways with sumptuous yarns and glossy beads has certainly become a creative passion.

However, as there is only so many stitchmarkers and yarns that you can make and keep, and seeing as a great deal of my friends also loved my work, the idea for a proper shop was born.

Dyeing and beading happened because I lacked the time to knit, and needed to still be creating and have colourful yarns!

As you can see, I’m aiming to sell accessories from UK and Fair-Trade producers.

Stitchmarkers, Hand-Dyed and Hand-Spun yarns, Funky knitting patterns. Hopefully in future, Knitting needles and other gadgets.

So, Welcome!