Cashmere – The ultimate in luxury. Oh so warm, so so squishy.

I half and half pan dyed this, with Crimson and Claret, leaving an undyed white section in between. It didn’t look right however, and so it say in my unfinished pile for a while. I then got gifted inspiration inspiration in the Facebook dyeing group I’m a member of, and so chucked black on one side of the white.

The name comes from the Monty Python song, “Eric, the half a bee”, cos that’s what this yarn made me think of when I looked at it finished…  but I couldn’t really call this lovely yarn Eric!

Recommended Needle/Hook size 5mm

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Skein Weight: 50g
Fibre Content: 100% Cashmere
Yardage: ~165m per 100g
YarnWeight: Aran/ Fisherman / 8 Ply


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