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Revamping my yarn names

Just a quick note for my past customer’s reference (As well as making sure I remember this too! 😉 )

One thing that I felt needed doing for a long time is giving the yarns I sell a more consistent set of pretty names.

A few are staying the same (After all, Recycled Sari Silk is known as that universally, regardless of who is selling it!), but most of the others I am renaming because the old name was either a bit clunky, was meaningless or it sounded too similar to another yarn’s name.

So, as my silks generally comes from India, I’ve picked (mostly) Sanskit words.

As I’m also going to be revising the patterns (both free and paid-for) to match, as well as updating Ravelry, I thought handy table for translation would be required for people with existing patterns & yarn labels!

Previous Yarn/Thread Name Yarn Weight & NM Approx Yardage/100g New Yarn/Thread Name
2/20’s Weaving Thread (Spun Silk) Lace (2/20’s NM) 915 Saliga
2/60’s Weaving Thread (Spun Silk) Cobweb (2/60’s NM) 2750 Jalika
Aleena – “Silk of Heaven” (Spun Silk) 4-Ply (8/20’s) 200 Manjula
Duke Double (Spun Silk) Aran (2/3’s NM) 137 Samraj
Duke (Spun Silk) Double Knit (3’s NM) 255 Rajgan
Duke – Beads/Sequins (Spun Silk) Double Knit (3’s NM) 150 Embellished
Duke Fine (Spun Silk) 4-ply (4’s NM) 320 Rani
Dupion (Reeled Silk) Sport (8 plies of 20-22Denier) 400 Dupioni
Filature (Reeled Silk) Lace (4 plies of 20-22 denier 800 Filature
Kohinoor (Unused Sari Weft) Aran (1’s NM) 80 Kohinoor
Maharaja (Spun Silk) Lace (3/15’s NM) 730 Kiran
Pulled Recycled Sari Silk (Reclaimed Sari Fibre) Double Knit (3’s NM) 150 Tweeded Sari Silk
Recycled Sari Silk – Single & Multicolour (Reclaimed Sari Fibre) Aran (1’s NM) 90 Recycled Sari Silk
Roving Silk (Spun Silk) Double Knit (2.5’s NM) 183 Avani
Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn (Fabric Strip) Super Chunky (~1″ fabric strip) ~25 Sari Ribbon Yarn
Swan (Spun Silk) Sport (2/7’s NM) 366 Hamsa
Throwster’s Waste Yarn (Spun Silk) Double Knit (2.5’s NM) 250 Throwser’s

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