Loose Carded Sari Silk Fibres – Multi colour – 20g


A packet of this will bring joyful shimmery silk colour to put in various type of crafting projects.

I have two form of this at present, “clouds” of loose fibres that are ready for further prep and also a top ready to spin.

The “cloud” is mostly of the reds & pinks fibres. What you get in these bags is a “cloud” of red/pink fibres with lots of flecks of other primary colours.

The top is a well blended mix of the whole rainbow, so it gives the top an overall brown-ish cast when there is no direct light on it.

When people pick up a packet of carded Sari Silk fibres, they always ask me what you could do with it.

Well… You could spin it, either on its own or with other fibres, use it to add interest to hand made paper, couch some into an embroidery project, run a handful though a machine embellisher, add a pinch to wool in a felting project or use the threads in a very fine embroidery project. Imagination is the only limiting factor here!



Fibre Content: 100% Recycled Filament Silk (Occasional metallics may be included)

Shipped at “Large Letter” rate

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Carded Sari Fibres



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